We do believe in the Church organization (one united apostolic church) and we do believe in ordaining PASTORS called from God and consecrated to the ministry of the Word and guardianship. (Acts 14:23) Also, we do believe in ordaining elders to assist the pastor (The Pastor) in the ministry of guardianship and leadership, and the ordaining of deacons for the ministry of leadership with the pastor and the elders. You might see the following verses: (Acts 14:23, 20:17, 1Timothy 5:17, 3:1-13, 2Timothy 1:6, 1Timothy 4:14, Acts 13:2, Deut 34:9, Numb 27:18, Titus 1:5)

We do believe in Sunday School ministry to raise up our children from infancy in the knowledge of God’s Word. (2Timothy 3:14-17)

We do believe that the pastor is the Church’s shepherd he is the leader and the spiritual father to all the members.

We do believe in the importance of tithing to all the local church’s members as God urges the heart of the giver so as to maintain God’s ministry in accordance to. (Malachi 3:7-10)

We do love and pray for every other Christian denomination that believes in the “Apostolic Creed of Faith” and the whole Bible truth, the old and the new testament (66 Books). Moreover, we do rejoice in the Lord when ever God blesses any church in any country, nation or tongue through a spiritual revival. We also don’t talk against any Church or Christian denomination as the Scriptures says: “If I speak in tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” (1 Corinth 13:1-8).

We called our church Central Assembly of God Church for it’s the CHURCH ON AIR”, through Al Kalema TV reaches the whole world with its message of hope to many that has no church at all in different parts in the world.

The Church On Air Finances:
The Church shall be financed according to the Scriptural method by the tithes and offerings of the members and friends of the organization. (Malachi 3:10, Mathew 23:23, Hebrews 7:4-9)

Finally: we do love everybody with Jesus love and we call everyone to Jesus message which is the message of love.