The lord is the giver’s life

Genesis 2:7
We are not merely the product of impersonal biological processes. Life is God’s gift to his creatures. It is God who breathed the "breath of life" into Adam. All creation bears witness to the Lord, the author of life. He created us for his glory and pleasure and enabled us to share that glory with him eternally. Sin and death no longer reign, for Jesus Christ has triumphed over the powers of darkness. With glad and grateful hearts, let us proclaim this message of life.

Prayer and Praise
LIVING GOD, you breathed into Adam the breath of life. The wonders of the earth show the pleasure you take in granting life to your creatures. We thank you for including us in your plan: fashioning us in your image, giving us life, and redeeming us in Christ. Praise be to you now and forever. Amen